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Professional indemnity insurance

We know professional indemnity insurance better than most.

When your advice, design, opinion or ideas are your product, you have a responsibility to insure against errors and/or omissions that may lead to a financial loss to you, your business or your clients. No matter how professional and competent you are, anyone can make mistakes and that is why it is important to protect yourself with a professional indemnity policy that is tailored to the specific risks of your business. GSI can provide a full suite of business insurance solutions, including General & Statutory Liability, Employees' Liability and Management Liability. When we meet to discuss your PI needs, we'll take a full view of your business to ensure you have all the relevant protections in place.

What is professional indemnity insurance?

What is professional indemnity insurance?

An insurance policy that’s specifically tailored to your business, which protects you from errors and/or omissions in the provision of advice and design services. In the event of an insured loss, a well-constructed professional indemnity policy will in the first instance cover defence costs, because whilst a third party may allege you have made an error and/or omission that is not always the case and often claims can involve multiple parties on what is commonly known as a scattergun approach. If your advice and design services are found to be erroneous, the policy will also cover compensatory damages.

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Who needs it?

Who needs it?

Whether you are a sole practitioner or multidisciplinary large scale firm, if you are a professional providing advice or design services you will require professional indemnity insurance. The cost of your policy is based on factors such as your turnover, your activities, historical risks associated with your profession, and limits of indemnity required. If you would like to ensure your coverage is comprehensive and cost effective, talk to us about cover specific to you.

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What makes us different

Having cover is important, but it’s just the first step; having a team to back you when that protection is called upon is vital. This means making sure that your policy is correctly reviewed and customised for your business and industry, and that the professionals going in to bat for you at claim time know what they're doing. Specialising in professional indemnity cover, we know professional indemnity insurance better than most.

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We find more

We've taken the time to build a network of professionals in London, Sydney and New Zealand so the coverage we negotiate is not limited to only what New Zealand underwriters offer.

We're Stronger Together

We have great relationships with leading legal professionals who, when necessary, help us review underwriters wordings, endorsements and exclusions before we even place cover, which provides you with a lot more certainty.

We're challengers

We're not afraid to negotiate changes to any wording, from the insuring clauses through to the exclusions. We have a proven history of having exclusions removed, modified or written back to provide better coverage.

We get you the best

Wherever possible we have it pre-agreed with underwriters that the top legal professionals we have access to will help our clients, so at claim time you have the best team on your side.

We're connected

As a cover holder at Lloyd’s of London (a unique insurance market with an unrivalled and proven history of writing commercial and specialty insurance), we can approach Lloyd’s directly to negotiate your speciality cover.

We're there for you

We back all of this with a highly experienced claims team who are dedicated to helping you. This means you have a direct connection with one person throughout your claim.

Award-winning geotechnical engineers, geologists, environmental scientists and hydrologists

Working with ENGEO Limited

When GSI first reviewed ENGEO’s policies, around half of their activities were uninsured. An unintentional oversight from their previous broker who lacked an understanding of their business, but a risk far too great for this small Christchurch company with big goals to grow.

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"Thank you very much for your support, it was a very stressful time, and it was very reassuring to know that I could call on you guys if needed."

Matthew Suddaby

Director • C. Hughes and Associates Ltd