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Working with ENGEO Limited

ENGEO Limited

Region: New Zealand and Australia
Industry: Award-winning Geotechnical engineers, Geologists, Environmental Scientists and Hydrologists.
Professional Insurance

When GSI first reviewed ENGEO’s policies, around half of their activities were uninsured. An unintentional oversight from their previous broker who lacked an understanding of their business, but a risk far too great for this Christchurch start up with big goals to grow.

ENGEO has done just that, growing to 100 staff across 8 offices in New Zealand and Australia since 2010, and continuing to expand today. As ENGEO’s activities grow and shift, so do their insurance policies to ensure they’re comprehensively protected. For an ever-changing business, a one-size-fits-all insurance approach wouldn’t withstand the complexity of it’s activities, and if you don’t understand those activities there is no way you could properly advise of the risks. It was GSI’s willingness to learn and the responsiveness that ensured ENGEO sought to include them in their professional team.

When GSI was first appointed to manage ENGEO’s insurance, the first task was to negotiate write backs of cover and terms to address what was a significant issue in risk exposure, which was done immediately. Glenn worked alongside Greg Martin, Guy Cassidy and the ENGEO team to gain a detailed understanding of company processes and discuss concerns, an essential task for any broker to successfully build a plan. Much of ENGEO’s success is due to its dynamic and innovative nature and because of this Glenn has had to work closely with the team to enhance, improve and understand the coverage that is in place and review it frequently. The very nature of ENGEO’s activities clash with numerous standard policy exclusions naturally so this needs to be assessed and rectified from project to project.

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"ENGEO has always been made to feel special throughout our working relationship and, through GSI’s superior customer service, our needs have always been met. The team at GSI are always happy to explain the necessary processes and details to me in such a way that I feel informed and well covered for the work that we undertake. I have absolutely no hesitation to recommend Glenn and GSI to anyone in the market for expert insurance advice and cover."

Guy Cassidy

Guy Cassidy