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Land surveying, civil engineering, multidisciplinary

Your industry is unique and your cover should be too.

Understanding the needs of the survey, engineering and spatial industry is crucial when it comes to providing you with insurance protection.

With over one hundred land surveying, engineering and multidisciplinary firms as clients, GSI has a vested interest in delivering market leading coverage solutions, backed up by a personalised claims service that is second to none, regardless of your operations size..

We’re also proud sponsors of both the Survey+Spatial New Zealand and Kairuri Community Trust. Our partnership with S+SNZ in particular has given us an even greater understanding and insight into your insurance needs. You can read more about our partnership here.

Our professional indemnity insurance

Our professional indemnity insurance

Our Professional Indemnity insurance includes a broad range of insured activities and a write back of cover for pollution. Cadastral cover is automatically included and up to the full policy limit (as opposed to many policies where it is sub limited and/or an elective option). Cost exclusive excesses are automatically included also.

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Get a professional indemnity insurance quote

Get a professional indemnity insurance quote

For a detailed quote and report for professional indemnity insurance for your land surveying, civil engineering and multidisciplinary firm, please download a proposal form, or contact us to talk to a broker or team member.

Download professional indemnity proposal form here
Our material damage cover

Our material damage cover

Is enhanced to include specific challenges the survey and spatial industry face. This insurance cover automatically includes replacement value conditions for survey equipment, regardless of its age, transit - up to the full sum insured, theft, natural disasters and a lower than normal theft excess.

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Survey and Spatial New Zealand

Survey and Spatial New Zealand

Read more about our relationship with Survey and Spatial New Zealand and the Kairuri Community Trust

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Insurance solutions

Material damage

We provide our clients with a coverage that is enhanced to cater for the risks you face on an everyday basis, from replacement value cover regardless of age through to increased transit limits and lower than normal excesses for theft.

Business interruption

At GSI we understand just how important and useful a well constructed business interruption policy can be at claim time. We will take the time to advise you on all options available to you, from insuring your entire income through to insuring your increased costs only, we can personalize this policy to match your risk appetite.

Commercial motor

Whilst commercial motor vehicle insurance may seem simple to most we understand that surveyors and engineers make enhancements to their vehicles that require modified insurance policies in order to deliver the best possible result at claim time.


There is a myriad of policies available to clients these days including public liability (sometimes called general liability), statutory liability, directors and officers liability, crime and the list goes on. Let us help you to make an informed decision by explaining what each policy provides cover for, the cost of that cover and how it may benefit you based on our experience.

Professional indemnity

As a professional whose product is advice and/or design, professional indemnity insurance may likely be the most important policy you will purchase. At GSI we have a proven history of providing clients with advice and coverage that is specifically enhanced for your industry including the likes of the Cadastral Survey Act 2002.

Cyber liability

Cyber liability insurance protects you from the risks you face from relying on the internet, email, websites, computer programs, data, and storage of private and sensitive information.

Unmanned Aerial Drone (UAV)

We can source cover for your drones on a replacement value basis that will protect you from accidental loss including damage whilst in use through to the legal liabilities that may arise if your drone was to fall out of the sky including general liability (public liability) and statutory liability

Engineers, planners, surveyors, architects, urban designers

Woods is constantly evolving, so their insurance cover evolves too.

“Unlike other brokers who can pay lip service to clients then scramble for solutions later, GSI asks questions, understands the industry and isn’t afraid to negotiate with the underwriters. Because of this, we wouldn't change brokers.”

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