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GSI is expanding. Meet our new team members

Over the past few months, we've been pleased to welcome 3 new members to the GSI team; Tash Fiatau, Jerren Naidoo and Daniel Loh.

In Auckland, Tash and Jerren have hit the ground running in their Commercial broker support roles.

GSI Tash Fiatau

Tash Fiatau | Commercial Broker Support

Tash was thrown into lockdown after only a week of training but handled this without issue and is excelling in her role. With previous experience in commercial and domestic roles with a high volume broker firm in Auckland's CBD, a move to a company with more personal connections was important.
"In a fast-paced corporate environment, I felt I didn't always have the time I would have liked to focus on our clients. The fact GSI puts their focus on client relationships and gives staff the space to work alongside them was one of the reasons for the change. Being 10 minutes from our office in West Auckland was also a positive as I want to be involved in my own community and support local businesses."

GSI Jerren Naidoo

Jerren Naidoo | Commercial Broker Support

Jerren Naidoo has also proven to be an excellent addition to GSI. Along with providing great support in the Auckland office, he is also assisting our North Canterbury office. Coming to the team with over 5 years in the industry, Jerren is keen to progress further.
"I wanted to surround myself with people who have more knowledge and tenure in the industry. The last company I was with had a younger base of brokers and I was the longest running support in the role. I wanted the opportunity to grow and learn from a team with more experience than me. I'm looking forward to developing my skill set."

GSI Daniel Loh

Daniel Loh | Broker Support

In Christchurch, Daniel Loh has returned to insurance in a broker support role after moving back from Malaysia at the start of 2021. Previously working with Christchurch Director Sean Lysaght for 3 years at another insurance company, Daniel took the opportunity to work with him again.
"When Sean called me and asked if I wanted to come back I said yes, simple as that. I feel he's the best person I've worked for, so the opportunity was hard to turn down."

Daniel is settling into Canterbury life and is already representing the region being selected for the Canterbury A Badminton squad.

We're grateful to see the team expanding and to be able to bring fresh ideas and knowledge to our GSI clients.
To read more about these new members or to see the rest of the team, please visit 'Our Team.'